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Welcome to UCA IT solutions

UCA IT Solutions is a professional company in IT industry offering best service to customers and oversee each customer relationship long-term. Each team consists of special skills and ensures focus for the business, where the long term relationship with customers at better satisfaction that drives them perform well.

What drives us

Having work experience and knowledge, updating ourselves in the industry which we able to stand and offer outsourced IT services to customers.

Our Vision

UCA IT Solutions understands customer needs in the industry and their business, to frame a strategy which should meet the customer challenges and competitors.

Our Mission

Delivering and offering best service to the IT industry where our strategy and innovative ideas to customers to meet their competition and continuing consistency in

Our Values

At UCA, we’re proud to share the values we live by. The concepts are inspiring and applicable. Our values define our culture. The standards we hold for ourselves are

Business Excellence

UCA IT Solutions is well responsible and continuing service across all departments which the system follows the industry standard to satisfy the customers.

Business Excellence

Support Services

UCA is committed to delivering the best quality where each and every step of the process gives the world class technology solutions to customers.

Business Software Group

UCA is expertise in this field which the software group advices and offers best service to customers especially for enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management.

Data Centre Services

With advanced technology and having cloud service where UCA IT Solutions helps to protect the customers data centre for their business.

Project Management

UCA team offers end to end customer service with quality at their budget level where the consistent efforts towards the standard level.

Advanced Infrastructure

UCA has the Advanced Infrastructure team supports for its customers in managing the physical infrastructure of their business. Their expert management allows our customers to protect the structures underpinning their competitive advantage.

Human Resources

Recruiting talent people and maintain their calibre to ensure responsibility where their idea focus towards the personal goal as well as organization.