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Out Sourcing


UCA IT Solutions makes and keeps things simple. Our focus towards the mid range market where its business requires dynamic IT solutions. UCA provides a flexible outsourcing to customers without any constraints of IT. The main idea is to simplify the things and making comfortable for the business.

UCA always understands the customer needs, listening, advising and delivering the best services to them without changing their ambitions. UCA works round a clock service where the customers have flexible time to adopt IT strategy for their business to achieve the organizational goal.

UCA delivers its services however, whenever, at whatever level feels right for customers on-site, off-site, with your team or without them. With the peace of mind that comes with fully accredited, world-class service, you can get your focus back on the big picture and work better and faster to achieve it.

Need to outsource your IT

IT outsourcing creates value across all parts of your business, minimises risk and enhances your competitive footing in uncertain markets. Outsourcing improves the following elements of your business:

01. IT Outsourcing Experience

We understand the customer anxiety how to frame and provide solutions to them for their business. To improve the firm’s efficiency and remove barrier which required IT outsourcing. Of course UCA does the service for you.

02. IT Outsourcing on Proper Hands

At UCA, the professional team is expertise in IT field and work experience makes the customers happy and stress free for concentrating their business. You are in safe hands, UCA will take care everything.

03. Responsibility is More

UCA is more responsibility with customer commitments, providing outsource their IT requirements to maximize their business profit. We are passionate about ensuring that our services relieve responsibility without ever taking away control.

04.Managing IT Outsourcing

Dynamic mid-market businesses are ambitious, forward-thinking and change-oriented. This means a near-constant state of evolution that requires careful attention to the IT system underpinning their business.


Always on time

Time is precious. UCA completes project and executes on Time.

Great support

Our support extends always to customers for greater service.


Being more responsible UCA takes challenge and makes it well.


UCA packages are tailor made and based on customer requirement.