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Website Development

UCA IT Solutions is professional web development company which consists of skilled people to develop software for customers.

Software Development

UCA IT Solutions develops software which is based in Chennai, India. Our dedicated team of software developers create software solutions


UCA IT Solutions takes atmost care for their clients which from the beginning itself. Understanding the client needs and


UCA IT Solutions provides and offers excellent IT services to organization or business where they meet their goal. Framing strategies which it meets and fulfills the customer requirement by adopting new technologies and change their platform with advanced technology by the way of cloud computing, infrastructure and virtualization.

UCA has significant technical expertise and capabilities across many technology platforms which allow us to deliver solutions which enable our clients to achieve their business outcomes.

Our world-class service

Providing framework services which UCA address the full spectrum of the customer business, strategy where it delivers perfectly.

The space for clarity

UCA gives the space for customers where they need to get clarity for their business to build the platform according to the strategy. It is a unique thing of UCA with the customer.

Business technology to support growth

Using the technology and updating it regularly in IT where to give the best services to customers for their business to meet the competitive world and navigate the market smoothly.

Driving new value with UCA

Maximize your profits and skills which UCA gives the resource, IT infrastructure to improve your business strategy formulation and adopt the technology for development.

Types of Service

Data Centre & Optimisation
UCA offers services of data centre enables customer organization to reduce the complexity and its environments, delivering a good atmosphere. UCA helps organisations to consolidate servers into virtualised computing resources, helping to reduce total cost of ownership, along with providing improved reliability and availability by the way of optimizing your server and storage also.
IT Infrastructure
Networking – We work with our clients to deploy secure and efficient networks, providing connectivity between users, offices and applications, whilst reducing risk and complexity.
Managing service is quite easier through UCA IT Solutions which helps customers to monitor, services and manage their business enable to proactively fix issues and get solution for the environment.
Singular customer focus
Crossing several years and having perspective clients which the platform makes UCA to be an unique and particularly singular customer focus. Each customer is an important for us to form strategy and calibre them exclusively.
Business-focused solutions
Forming Long, medium and short term strategy firmly focusing towards your business and expand your market share.UCA IT Solutions does it for you.
A renewed infrastructure – scalable to flex with future growth.
Competitive applications and refined, efficient processes for maximum focus and productivity.
Excellent business intelligence to direct long-term strategic focus.
24/7 support for complete peace of mind.
No additional in-house team required.